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5 Quick & Easy Benefits Of Buying Followers

I am guilty as charged. In a previous life – long before Instagram arrived on the scene – I was caught off-guard in always trying to move forward in life the quick and easy way. You have been warned. This is not always a good idea. So, this is my friendliest of warnings to you. Don’t go taking the quick and easy route to life.

Don’t go repeating the mistakes I used to make – back in the day since long before Instagram became the icing on the cake for a great many social media enthusiasts.

Quick and easy ducking and diving through life and work doesn’t always check out. Its laziness personified too. Quick and easy; some folks are still prepared to try their luck – me? Not anymore – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Actually, most times it doesn’t. But sometimes it does. So, with the friendly warning done and dusted – err, quick and easy like – this is what the rest of this post is about.

Its five quick and easy benefits to help you get followers on Instagram – dare I say it – quick and easy. And lots too.  If you’re working with a reputable service provider with proven knowledge of how the Instagram platform works, or if he’s got some sort of affiliation with the leading platform in town, he should be able to give you some sort of money back guarantee if things don’t check out for you. Life is not perfect you know – ask me, been there, done that, got the badge to prove it – and it’s certainly not the case on social media, not even on Instagram.

That’s in spite of Instagram being the best platform in town. And that’s your next benefit. There’s a better chance of you succeeding in your campaigns if you’re working with the best. Also, do make it a regular habit of checking out all the free tools that Instagram’s got for you to use. And if you’re working with Instagram, there’s a great chance that you can achieve your desired fame (and fortune) in shorter periods of time than would have been the case elsewhere.

Furthermore, if you’re using the Instagram platform to market and promote your business, you can just as easily use it to build your business’s brand. You use this platform to build brand awareness. The followers could be a good indication that they have become aware of your brand. And they like it too. And what I always like about Instagram and its competent affiliates or associates is that I’m always able to get my message across within minutes.

And they never forget me either. Actually, It’s me. Got to give myself a pat on the back for this. Because if there’s one thing I really love doing, it’s this. Telling stories. And Instagram’s great for that. In fact, top influencers and knowledgeable Instagrammers believe that you should be creating storybooks in order to create those memories and make them aware.

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Making Gains Every Day All Year Round

Ai-yai-yai! More hard work in front of me. On this of all the days. When all I wanted to do was take a really good break. At the time of writing up this post for you, it was late into the Sunday afternoon. I live in a really big house, and everyone around me seems to be chilling, relaxing, watching TV, doing stuff that your average folks would normally be doing at this time of the week.

But as I forced myself onwards, as I carried on punching out these words for you, like blood, sweat, toils and tears, I had a new spurt of energy, no matter that the few crusts of brown bread I had earlier were not sufficient for my required dietary habits. The though struck me, and I see them often enough, rather, due to my occupational hazard of being a writer, I observe these folks, they are always on their mobiles.

Me? Hardly ever. Not old school or anything like that. It’s just that I feel a lot more comfortable working from my laptop. And my home office study window gives me a good view of the comings and goings of this here household. Anyhow, I never meant to be nosy. I just couldn’t help myself. And anyhow, not at all demeaning these nice folks in any way, but that’s just it. They are just average.

Some of them work pretty hard, let me tell you. And then there is one or two that are just plain bums. How they survive, the lord alone knows. I remember this old saying; there are folks out there that are just so lazy that they won’t ever get out of bed, not even to make themselves something to eat. Maybe they are just below average. Something’s not quite right, so I spare a thought for them. Not that I’ve got much time for them lately. Because I have come to realize that I am not average. And yes, you guessed this right.

I am above average. Unlike these folks, I gain Instagram followers every day. Why you ask. Glad you asked. Well, because I work pretty damn hard, that’s why. And yes, you are quite correct, I do not need to be slaving away at my desk on this lazy Sunday afternoon. And yes, I have got bills to pay. Maybe because I’m not average, I’ve ended up with more bills than others to pay. I admit it, I’ve made the mistakes.

And I learn the lesson each and every day of my life while I continue to gain Instagram followers to my growing profile each and every day of my highly productive life. When the work is finally done for the day, then of course, I look forward to the break. And even then, I am still not resting. My mind is just so productive. New ideas, new inspirations, new thoughts, all to be shared on Instagram in just a few more moments.

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Becoming A Leader After So Many Months Of Following

In actual fact, it has been that many years for me. Just a few months ago, I was given the opportunity to start talking to my readers about the world’s leading social media platform, Instagram. Interestingly enough, I myself was not yet a subscriber. It is not that I disliked the platform, far from it. More likely, I had my own fair share of ignorance to bear. Ever since I began promoting my wares online, I had been on Facebook. It was introduced to me by none other than my talented brother, doing rather well for himself as a freelance graphic designer and online movie producer.

This story, so far so told, is all very true. Anyway, I only recently heard from him that he merely utilized Facebook for personal reasons, and seeing as though most of his family, friends and acquaintances were using the platform. You see, some years ago, this would have been before Instagram was launched, he became rather ill. To put it bluntly, it was life and death for him. But he slowly but surely was able to make his recovery from his hospital bed. And with nothing better to do than watch cable TV, he decided to use FB just to let everyone know how he was doing.

I, of course, did the old fashioned thing. I noted the visiting hours and paid him his visits. I also remember fondly finishing an exam in which questions on none other than social media practices were asked and then popping by his house to see how he was doing. It was within walking distance from the campus. And after receiving my cup of green tea, he proudly proceeded to show me his war wounds. I, on the other hand, was rather squeamish. In recent times, during our last productive conversation, I informed him that I was researching the matter of more followers for Instagram productive purposes.

I need not have asked. It was to be expected. This boy was already using the Instagram platform to showcase his work. He has his followers, to be sure. I, on the other hand, have none, for the simple reason that I have yet to register an account. But I will, really, I always say to myself, quite soon. Perhaps my best excuse to you is that I am inundated with project work at the moment. I’m also still phasing out old WordPress and YouTube platforms. In its place will be a new series which will, indeed, tie up with Instagram.

I have big plans going forward. And during the months of reading and researching how the platform works and what it has achieved for so many subscribers thus far, I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time. It is only a matter of time before I will be talking to you via one of my regular Instagram posts. But I had better make a move. Time waits for no-one on social media.

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Get On Platform’s Page & See How You Make Progress

I have to say, the more you immerse yourself in business, the more commercially-oriented you become. Do I shed a tear over this? No, not at all. Here, let me explain. Let me explain my sentiment, kind of show you where I’m coming from. Maybe you can relate. The thing is, I’ve always enjoyed being creative. And I’ve also always had that yearning to be as independent as possible. I am a unique specimen indeed. It used to irk me sometimes having to comply. But before going into business for myself, I had already been quite accustomed to years of service in a large multi-national set up which, as it turns out, went bust some years ago.

No readers, this is a true story, and maybe you’ve been through what I went through. Not knowing where you stood or why you always had to get it in the neck, you were given the dreaded pink slip. But this form of rejection, still happening a lot these days, is still your window of opportunity. Here is your chance to make it big on your own. But with a little help from your friends too, of course. No matter how resilient and resourceful you find yourself to be, you soon find yourself still having to rely on others to help propel your business forward.

But professional consultations, marketing and advertising work, internet-based tools and engineering have all come at a price. Not so easy to go forward when you are limited in your resources. Not so? Not so. Actually. Part of your marketing and advertising drive going forward means buying likes Instagram will sanction or approve of. These likes are soon to be coming from active professionals just like you.

Instagram is a professional service orientation, so by the time you have registered your first business account with them, for free, you too, are expected to behave as professionally as possible. And you can. It has been your dream to go pro, so now is your chance to play the part live. Just think, setting up your first marketing and advertising platform hasn’t been all bad. Yes, you spent your lunch money on buying likes and followers but what did it cost you to set up your Instagram platform? Pretty much zilch when you compare it to the conventional ways and means of setting up a small business.

And then just think what the Instagram network is gifting you with. All these so many tools and plugins, it’s like you were a really spoilt rotten child at Christmas time. But deserving of your gifts. You must have worked hard to get this far. And now you have all the help you can get. I don’t know about you, but this is an exciting time to be trying out for a business of your own. It’s the way of the future, so you may as well get used to it.

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What You Do After You Buy For Real

This note on getting effective results on your Instagram profile focuses on altogether around eight workmanlike tasks that should help you achieve better deliveries. The soberest task for new Instagram activists will be the act that propels them to buy real Instagram likes and followers. What does it mean to have ‘real’ as opposed to ‘not real followers‘ and likes recorded on your account? Simply put, you will have actual people with real accounts added to your base rather than digital bot accounts. Ponder this approach and soon the benefits will become clear. The number of likes will increase even more once the following exercises are put into practice.

After the buying act, three exercises correlate. If you have never worked with hashtags before then you will be utilizing all eight exercises mentioned in this short note. That being said, the new social media practitioner needs to work on the creation of a series of appropriate and relevant hashtags. Thereafter, the focus can be placed on promoting the dedicated hashtags across all internet-based mediums.

These will include alternative social media profiles already in place. This is a good idea, and readers should never trap themselves in the mindset of complacency, thinking that an Instagram account is going to be sufficient for their business and promotional needs. Further to these hashtag tasks just mentioned, is the creative act. This entails endeavouring to keep out the noise of irrelevance and turning the created phrases into coincidental and recognizable catch-phrases.

This means the injection of humour and irony, basically a case of just being yourself. If you are still new to this form of creativity, you should have fun. So, do sharpen your pencils and get to work. Short of ideas on what to pin down, you can always keep an eye out for topical and relevant trending hashtags. Becoming a follower in this sense means that you should be seen and heard as an active follower. Do you know the old saying? Children should be seen and not heard. No, not anymore, not these days.

And to think that Instagram started out as an experimental play tool for today’s software savvy kids. On to the remainder of the tasks that are being highlighted in this short note. Note that the recently created bio link is going to be active as well. It needs to be used to direct traffic towards the latest and most popular posts being recorded under your Instagram profile. Instagram is mostly visual, but to these visual presentations must still be added descriptive captions. And as a follower, always try and connect with leading influencers in your niche or field of interest.

Finally, you need to discipline yourself for regular editing work. It has often been regarded as among the most tedious and laborious tasks on a social media platform, but the user-friendly and appealing nature of the Instagram platform should lighten the mood of boredom, transforming towards a steely resolve to get tasks done in order to experience the positive results down the line.

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